This is an overview of my appearances in media. For a list of my published writings, see references.


Super Gamer Podcast. “Destination Gaming with Kayde.” 41:20. July 2023.


Cross Labs Speaker Series. “Cross Roads #35: “Tourism in Video Games: Experiences in Digital Worlds” with Anh-Thu Nguyen.” 1:23:30. December 2022.

Behind the Screens, podcast by Benjamin Strobel, Nicolas Hoberg, Jessica Kathmann and Jolina Bering. Spiele-Tourismus: Games als Reiseziel – Podcast E055 (Game tourism: games as travel destinations). 1:37:11 mins. July 19th, 2022.

OK COOL podcast by Dom Schott, featuring a different guest with a video games background every episode. “OK COOL trifft: Anh-Thu Nguyen” (OK COOL meets: Anh-Thu Nguyen). 61:10 mins. January 1.


Corso – Kunst & Pop. German radio program. “Mal wieder Touri sein – aber in Videospielen! Gespräch über Reisen in Games” (English translation: To be a tourist again – but in video games! Speaking about traveling in games). 9:52 mins. September 16.

With a Terrible Fate podcast by Stefan Heinrich Simond, Dan Hughes and Aaron Suduiko. “With a Terrible Fate Podcast Episode 3: Kingdom Hearts“. 1:15:25 mins. May 16, 2021.